Shtrands Personalized Hair Care Regimen: Review & Coupon

Nothing makes me more excited than trying out a new subscription box!

From Stitch Fix to Birchbox, I get the same feeling as I do opening presents on Christmas morning while I’m opening a new subscription box!

So when I was given the opportunity to try a Shtrands personalized hair care regimen, I was all for it. If your goal is to achieve healthy, beautiful hair while saving yourself time and money, keep scrolling to read my full review on how Shtrands can do just that! 

(Hint: If you’re a blonde, you have to read how the purple shampoo in my Shtrands box saved my blonde hair!)

Disclosure: This box was received for review purposes.


What is a Shtrands Personalized Hair Care Regimen?

If you haven’t heard of Shtrands yet, here’s a quick summary: 

Shtrands is an online platform that recommends and delivers truly personalized high-quality hair care regimens, based on a subscription model. Every regimen consists of a combination of 4 full sized products among them, cleansing, conditioning treatment and styling products.

Essentially, Shtrands provides you with the formula for hair care success:

Expert recommendations + high-quality products + convenient delivery

  • Expert recommendations: A team of certified hairstylists and cosmetics chemists recommend personalized hair care regimens that are unique to each customer’s needs.

  • High-quality products: Shtrands works with a broad variety of brands, from salon indie brands to emerging and established professional hair care brands. Before they bring a new brand on board they test and carry trials with each product to ensure they a high-quality, which I thought was very impressive.

  • Convenient delivery to your front door: All hair care regimens are delivered to your doorstep (with free shipping!) so that you can achieve salon results at home.


To get started, you’ll first choose from one of the following three subscription plans:

  • Most popular: $59 for one regimen delivered every other month

  • Try it: $59 for one regimen delivered every 3 months

  • Best value: 6-month plan, pay $149 upfront for one regimen delivered every other month (15% savings)

The best part is that all of the subscriptions come with free shipping to the continental US!


All subscription plans have the same structure for the hair care regimen: a combination of 4 full size products among cleansing, conditioning, treatment, and styling products.

The products are handpicked by the experts based on your specific hair care needs. In order to match you with the best products, you’ll be directed to fill out a questionnaire after you have chosen the subscription plan that works best for you.

Shtrands Profile Quiz

I was very impressed with the questionnaire, which on the website is referred to as a “Profile Quiz.” It asked detailed questions so that the Shtrands team could have a complete understanding of my hair type, my current hair care practices, and my main hair concerns.

I filled out the profile quiz as thoroughly as I could, with an emphasis on two major hair concerns:

  1. The tendency for my blonde color to get yellow/brassy very quickly

  2. DAMAGE (split ends, frizz, breakage, etc.)

I have these hair concerns because well, I’m obsessed with being a blonde.


While my hair is naturally a dirty blonde, I’ve been highlighting it since I was in middle school. And it has come a long way since those middle school days of streaky yellow highlights that now make me cringe when I see yearbook pictures.

Now, I prefer my hair to be as light and cool as possible without looking bleached out. Besides getting it heavily toned when I’m at the salon, I have used a variety of purple shampoos/conditioners over the years to prevent it from turning yellow. Before Shtrands, my favorite was the Joico Purple Shampoo.

While I love the look of my blonde hair, I hate how damaging it can be! And trust me, my hair has seen its fair share of damage. I’m talking split ends and frizz so bad that I’ve taken scissors to them myself because I couldn’t stand it anymore.

It hasn’t been that bad in a while, but I still wanted to convey to the Shtrands team my desire for products that would combat damage as much as possible. After I completed the Profile Quiz, that was it! The Shtrands team used the information that I provided to choose the best products to fit my hair care needs.

The Shtrands Subscription Box

My Shtrands box was delivered right to my doorstep via USPS after just two days. Upon opening the box, I found a handwritten note along with a canvas tote that held the products.


I thought the handwritten note added a personal touch, something that you don’t see too often nowadays. The note described which products were included in my hair care regimen as well as how to use each of them.


One of my favorite parts of this subscription box was the canvas tote that held the products. I was not aware that the subscription came with this tote, so it was definitely a pleasant surprise!

Plus, the tote is high quality: it feels very durable and has a zipper closure along with a loop handle on the side. It is large enough to hold all four products plus has room for either one more product or a brush – perfect for use during travel.


First impression with my Shtrands personalized hair care regimen? I thought the whole process was simple and the presentation was very high quality, surpassing my expectations. Now, onto the products!

My experience with the products

I am happy to say that the Shtrands team listened to my concerns and provided products that would best fit my needs.

Each item in my Shtrands personalized hair care regimen was from the company Abril et Nature, a brand out of Barcelona. I had not previously heard of this brand, but I am always open to trying something new!


After doing some research, I discovered that Abril et Nature has been in business since 1998 and has 9 different lines of hair care products which are only available for purchase by salons and certified hair care professionals.

Below are the products that I received as part of my Shtrands personalized hair care regimen along with a brief description of each:

Rehydration Shampoo & Instant Mask


Both the shampoo and instant mask (which I was instructed to use as a regular conditioner) that I received were from the Abril et Nature Rehydration Treatment Line.

This line contains all kinds of healthy hair ingredients, such as amino acids that serve to hydrate the hair fiber from the inside and lipids that closely mimic those that are normally found on the scalp, which provides protection and shine.

But what I was most excited about from this line was the UV-filter in these products. Did you know that excessive sun exposure can damage the structural integrity of the hair strand? Signs of sun-damaged hair include discoloration, dry and brittle strands, thinning, frizziness, and broken or split ends. Knowing that these products had a UV-filter built in to protect my hair against damages from the sun made me feel at ease because I’m always outside in the summer!

Silk treatment 


The Silk Treatment Instant Mask is part of Abril et Nature’s Keratin Line, which is specially designed to regenerate hair damaged by coloring or bleaching. The keratin seals and coats the color, adding plenty of moisture, shine, and softness.

Silver shampoo


The use of either a silver or purple shampoo for blondes and women with grey/platinum hair is an absolute must to keep brassy tones at bay.

The Abril et Nature silver shampoo contains a micro-suspension of emollient oils that increases color intensity and shine. Plus, this line also contains UV filters to avoid damage from sun exposure.

Keep reading to hear about my amazing results with this silver shampoo!


All products sent in a Shtrands personalized hair care regimen (not just by Abril et nature) are valued between $20 and $25. So the total cost of these products outside of Shtrands would be between $80 and $100. I’d say that’s a really great value considering the regimens are $59!

My Results

I am writing this review after using my Shtrands personalized hair care regimen for almost two weeks. This may not seem like enough time to see results, but I noticed a difference in my hair after just one wash!

I have to start with my favorite product: the Silver Shampoo! After the first time washing my hair with the silver shampoo, I could not believe how well this product worked. I had finished drying my hair, looked at my reflection in the mirror, and all I could say was WOW! It was the perfect shade of blonde. No exaggeration here.

Aside from my infatuation with the Silver Shampoo, I was also thoroughly impressed with the other Abril et Nature products. Using the Rehydration Shampoo, the first thing that I noticed was that my hair was actually soft and not tangled after rinsing the shampoo. Normally, my hair would be tangled and screaming for conditioner after using any other shampoo!

The Rehydration Instant Mask amplified the softness of my hair. I left it on for several minutes, rinsed, and upon getting out of the shower get this: I could actually run a comb through my hair! Normally, I have to apply a leave-in conditioner, such as the Framesi Color Lover Primer 11. It’s safe to say that I will be able to eliminate the need to have to purchase/use this product because my hair is tangle-free after using the Abril et Nature products!

Lastly, the Shtrands team instructed me to use the Silk Treatment just once a week, so I’ve only used it twice now, but I’ve already noticed some major differences in my hair:

  • There’s a reason it’s called the silk treatment… I couldn’t get over the smooth, silky feel of my hair after rinsing this product out!

  • I no longer have flyaways!! I have been styling my hair with the same practices (blow-drying, curling iron, straightener) but now I don’t have flyaways creeping up on the top of my head

  • My damaged areas are less frizzy

Final thoughts

Overall, my Shtrands personalized hair care regimen surpassed my expectations.

I thought the process of filling out a Profile Quiz was extremely well-thought out as well as user-friendly. The presentation of the Shtrands subscription box (handwritten card + canvas tote + products) was very high quality and personal. The hair care products have given me amazing results so far, I still cannot believe what a difference they have made in such a short period of time.

I think what impressed me the most was the ingenuity of this unique service. Shtrands goes beyond broad classifications and customizes hair care regimens specifically for you and your hair type. This service can eliminate the guesswork that comes with trying new products and can also give you peace of mind knowing your regimen has been selected specifically for you!


So would you like to try a Shtrands personalized hair care regimen?

All of my readers can get 15% off any subscription by entering the coupon code HAIRLOVE.


I’d love to hear your thoughts on Shtrands! Leave me a comment below!