Rodan and Fields Active Hydration Serum Review

Even though the product has just been released to customers this May, I’m sure you’ve heard (or at least seen a Facebook post) from a friend or family member all about it: Rodan and Fields Active Hydration Serum. And there’s a reason for all the hype: this stuff works! 

Drs. Katie Rodan and Kathy Fields have created a product that is truly for ALL skin, regardless of type. Because everyone could benefit from more hydration, right? Well, if moisture and hydration are what you’re looking for, this product will do the job. In fact, a clinical study proved that Active Hydration Serum can raise the skin’s hydration level by 200% from the very first use. 

And guess what? I’m going to tell you exactly HOW the Rodan and Fields Active Hydration Serum works and WHY you need it!

rodan and fields active hydration serum review

What’s in Rodan and Fields Active Hydration Serum?

This serum combines some of the very best hydrating skin care ingredients to create a moisture-loving super serum. Most notable is the proprietary 3D3P Molecular Matrix technology that combines an unprecedented 30% glycerin and hyaluronic acid. Okay, I know that sounds complicated, but I’m going to break it down for you.

Most moisturizers and hydrating serums on the market today are between 1 to 3% glycerin. The reason why no other product has even come close to the 30% glycerin found in Rodan and Fields Active Hydration Serum is because typically glycerin can begin to feel very sticky at high levels. Not exactly a desired characteristic for a facial serum.

So how did Rodan + Fields do it? The doctors developed their 3D3P molecular matrix. The molecular matrix contains 3 different polymers. Polymers are made up of many molecules all strung together to form really long chains. (PSLC) Each polymer has a specific function:

  • One polymer enables the serum to bind to the stratum corneum (the top layer of your skin)
  • The middle polymer functions as a sponge to absorb the moisture from the surrounding air
  • The top polymer prevents the serum from evaporating from your skin

So what’s the big deal with glycerin?

Propane-1,2,3-triol, aka glycerin (also called glycerol), is a colorless, odorless, viscous liquid. (1) It is non-toxic and is used in many cosmetic products and pharmaceutical formulations as a humectant. A humectant is a substance that is able to attract moisture from the air and retain it on or under a surface. Understanding the properties of glycerin help us to understand why Rodan and Fields Active Hydration Serum is able to draw moisture in from the air around us and keep our skin moisturized all day long.

Let’s not forget about the hyaluronic acid..

If the fountain of youth exists, it would be flowing with hyaluronic acid.

Any decent anti-aging moisturizer contains hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid can be naturally found in the human body. It is an anionic, non-sulfated glycosaminoglycan that plays an important role in our epidermis, among numerous other tissue groups. In the epidermis, hyaluronic acid is responsible for scavenging for free radicals and increasing keratinocyte proliferation. [Related Post: Antioxidants and Free Radicals]

The best part about hyaluronic acid? When hyaluronic acid comes in contact with your skin, it absorbs 1,000 times its own weight in water! Thus, hyaluronic acid is a key ingredient when it comes to hydrated, youthful skin. 

There’s more?!

Yes, there are more awesome ingredients in the new Rodan and Fields Active Hydration! Like all of the ceramides (good fats) that naturally make up the stratum corneum of your epidermis and the PCAs (pyrrolidone carboxylic acid) that aid in replenishing the skin with moisture. And here’s a twist: one ingredient in the Rodan and Fields Active Hydration Serum is sea salt. The benefits of sea salt seem endless: it is full of minerals, softens and hydrates skin, increases circulation, exfoliates, and more! (Livestrong)

rodan and fields active hydration serum review


Why you need Rodan and Fields Active Hydration Serum

Everyone needs this product. Why? Well, everyone has skin, right? Um, this is a no brainer!

See, you need to have hydrated skin for all of the products you already use to work! Ingredients are absorbed better if your skin is well-hydrated and moist.

Increase the efficacy of the products you are already use and love while maintaining adequate skin hydration by using the new Rodan and Fields Active Hydration Serum. 



rodan and fields active hydration serum review