Review: Tropical Planner Pencil Pouch by Happy Bag Co

While browsing through Etsy, I came across this tropical planner pouch cover by Happy Bag Co

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Even though the pages inside of my bullet journal are neat and organized, I could not say the same for my pens, pencils, highlighters, etc. Those would always end up on pretty much every surface of the house: my desk, the kitchen table, on the floor, even lost in the bed from journaling at night. Yet somehow I'd always end up leaving the house with journal in hand but nothing to write with! The planner pencil pouch seemed like the perfect solution! 

I had never bought anything from Happy Bag Co, but with almost 300 sales and 5 star reviews, I decided to purchase the tropical planner pencil pouch. This Etsy shop had a ton of different prints to pick from for the pouch, but I loved the tropical palm tree print. There is also an option to choose the color for the inside lining; I chose pink. I also liked that I could choose what size I wanted to strap to be so it would correctly fit my planner and journal. 

When my planner pouch arrived I was extremely pleased, from how it arrived to the quality of the product. Happy Bag Co beautifully gift-wrapped the pouch in a pink and white tissue paper. The material that the pouch is made from is durable and the inside is fully lined with waterproof material to contain leaks/spills. 

I tested to see how the planner pouch would attach to my planner and bullet journal; it was a perfect fit! My iPhone 6 also fits snugly inside the front pocket. The best part about this pouch is the number of pens it can hold! I can fit all of my Koi brush pens inside. Most of the time I don't need every single color of my brush pens, so I'll throw in a few of my favorite colors, my Pigma black ink pens, my Gellyroll colored ink pens, and my Zebra mildliners; and everything fits! I'd estimate that the pouch can hold about 25 pens inside. 

I am more than happy with my purchase from Happy Bag Co. I finally have a way to keep all of my bullet journal essentials organized in one place. I definitely will be purchasing more items from this shop in the future.