starting a bullet journal

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It puzzles me as to why I have waited so long to create a bullet journal.

I mean, they are right up my alley: handmade, artsy, organized.

what more could a girl ask for?!

Every year during school I would buy a planner to keep my schedule organized and aid in my productivity. While planners are nice to keep dates organized on a calendar, I always found myself using other notebooks or sticky notes to make lists. My planner would never have enough space to keep all of my lists.

Hence why I am now obsessed with bullet journaling! It gives me the freedom to organize my lists how I want to. When I decided to make my own bujo (short version of bullet journal FYI) I had so many questions!

what kind of notebook do I need?

what is the best pen to write with?

what is washi tape?!


So if you're anything like me and don't know where to start, I am now able to provide some guidance.




If you are completely starting from scratch and do not have any supplies yet, head over to my post Bullet Journal Essentials to view the products I have tested and which of them I would recommend.

Okay, so you've gathered your essentials right? Now it's time to start your journal!

Tip: Always skip a few pages in the beginning of your new notebook (I skip 3) so you can add a table of contents once you have your pages filled in.  With my latest journal purchase, the Leuchtturm 1917, I do not have to worry about this problem because the table of contents is preprinted in the front. Such a great feature!







Choose your layouts.

I always start each new month with a calendar plus my goals, focus, projects, and to-do list for the month.

Then, once I have my monthly page done, I do my weekly pages.

I also start each morning by creating a to-do list and choosing my top three priorities of the day. 

Besides my daily to-do lists, here are some examples of other lists that I have in my bullet journal:

  1. Goals for 2017

  2. New habits to form

  3. Bad habits to break

  4. Cleaning schedule

  5. Books to read

  6. Books read

  7. Mood boosting ideas

  8. Happy things page

  9. Exercise log

  10. Sleep log

  11. Budgets

  12. Spending log

  13. Favorite recipes

  14. Words to use more often

  15. Vocabulary to learn

  16. Bucket list

  17. Meal planner

  18. Projects to do

  19. Brainstorming

  20. Brain dump page


BUJO UPDATE: new list of 50 more page ideas HERE!

BUJO UPDATE: new list of 50 more page ideas    HERE!

BUJO UPDATE: new list of 50 more page ideas HERE!




Using a grid notebook makes it easier to keep everything neat!

BUJO TIP: using a grid notebook makes it easier to keep everything neat!



What are your favorite bullet journal tools? I'm definitely looking to try out some new gel pens, do you have any recommendations? Leave a comment below if so :)

xo Kaitlyn